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SNF Issue No. 48, February 2020- Preview No. 1

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Thank you very much for your participation, excellent presentations, and hot discussions. See you at next ACASC and Asian-ICMC joint meeting!

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   - Number of attendees: 381 (13 countries)
   - Number of exhibitors: 19

Award winner: ICMC Cryogenic Materials Award for Excellence

Winner of "ICMC Cryogenic Materials Award for Excellence" is Dongliang Wang (CAS).

For developing 100 m class internal magnesium diffusion (IMD) processed multifilamentary MgB2 wires and their use in coils, and investigating joints for iron-based superconductors.

Award winners: Outstanding Poster Presentation Award of 10th ACASC - 2nd Asian ICMC - CSSJ

Winners of "Outstanding Poster Presentation Award of 10th ACASC - 2nd Asian ICMC - CSSJ" are as follows;

Takanori Motoki
 "Introduction of fast oxygen diffusion paths in REBCO melt-textured bulks effective for reducing annealing time"

Tatsunori Okada
 "A possible explanation for double-peaks structure in strain dependence of Jc of REBCO coated conductors"

Natsumi Endo
 "Influence of Low Thermal Conductive Layer Thickness on Heat Balance in Long Distance Tri-axial HTS Cable"

Kohei Yuki
 "Recovery and Current-Limiting Performances of Porous-Stabilized REBCO Tape with Several Joining Conditions for RSFCL"

Shotaro Arita
 "Correlation between cooling power and heat quantity of Er-Ho binary nitride as regenerator of 4K-GM cryocooler"

Hiroharu Kamada
 "Critical Current Properties of Force-Balanced Helical Coils using REBCO Tapes Cooled in Liquid Nitrogen"


   It is our pleasure to announce that the Cryogenics and Superconductivity Society of Japan (CSSJ) will host the 10th Asian Conference on Applied Superconductivity and Cryogenics (ACASC), 2nd International Cryogenic Materials Conference in Asia (Asian-ICMC), and the CSSJ meeting as a joint conference which will be held at Okinawa, Japan, between January 6 to 9, 2020. Superconductivity school is also planned to be held on Jan. 6 as the 4th Asian Superconductivity Summer School (AS3).
   The ACASC was initiated in 2000 as a joint workshop between Japan and South Korea to enhance mutual cooperation and technical exchanges in the field of applied superconductivity and cryogenic engineering. The workshop was extended to the ACASC by joining China. The 1st ACASC was held in 2003 at Beijing, China, then India, and Turkey joined in 2007, and 2009, respectively. During that time the 2nd ACASC was held at Miyazaki, Japan in 2004, and followed by the 3rd at Busan, Korea in 2005; 4th at Xi’an, China in 2007; 5th at Matsue, Japan in 2009; 6th at Delih, India in 2011; 7th at Kappadokia, Turkey in 2013; 8th at Hangzhou, China in 2015; and 9th at Jeju, Korea in 2017.
   The Asian-ICMC started as a new series of ICMC focusing on cryogenic and superconducting materials studies emerging in Asia. The 1st Asian-ICMC was held in at Kanazawa, Japan in 2016.
   The AS3 is a series of summer school starting from the Japan-Korea Superconductivity Summer School (JKSSS) in 2015 at Fukuoka, Japan, then it was extended to the 1st AS3 in 2016 at Jeju, Korea, and followed by the 2nd at Miyazaki, Japan in 2017, and 3rd at Beijing, China in 2018. This school is supported by the IEEE CSC in cooperation with CSSJ, Korean Institute of Applied Superconductivity and Cryogenics (KIASC) and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). This time, is the summer school on January? No problem, Okinawa is a well-known tropical island.
   We hope that we can provide good opportunities for in-depth discussion on the technical issues and international cooperation among attendees with a rich environment of nature and attractions at Okinawa.


      Conference Chair, Hiroaki Kumakura (President of the CSSJ)
      Organizing Committee Chair, Takanobu Kiss
      Program Committee Chair, Jun-ichi Shimoyama

Plenary Speakers


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- Asian Conference on Applied Superconductivity and Cryogenics

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flyer (pdf, 527kB)