The Kanazawa Kageki-za (Kanazawa Theatre)

1st Asian ICMC - CSSJ50 will be held at "Kanazawa Kageki-za (Kanazawa Theatre)".

Transportation to the conference venue, “The Kanazawa Kageki-za (Kanazawa Theatre)”

1. From Kanazawa station:
  The conference venue is located 4 km apart from the Kanazawa Station.

  (1) Bus: 20 minutes ride with JPY 200
   Bus stop No. 7 at Kanazawa St. East Exit, Kanazawa loop bus leaves every
   15 minutes (right loop or left loop are both available).
   You should get off at Honda-machi (本多町) .
   One-day ride ticket is also available. For more detailed information,
   please check following URL.

   Bus stop No. 3 at Kanazawa St. East Exit
   Take the bus bound for “Toubu Shako (東部車庫)” or “Kanazawa Gakuin Daigaku
   (金沢学院大学)”, then get off at Honda-machi (本多町).
  (2) Taxi: 15 minutes ride with approximately JPY 1,000

2. From Komatsu Airport
  (1) Airport shuttle bus can take you to the Kanazawa Station.
   It will take about 40 minutes.
  (2) Taxi to the conference venue: 45 minutes ride with approximately JPY 11,000.

Address & map

          920-0993, 27, 6ban, Shimohonda-cho, Kanazawa city, Japan
          TEL +81-76-220-2501
          TEL +81-76-220-9000

Latitude and Longitude for Kageki-za is 36°33'32.9"N, 136°39'30.8"E

Weather information

Japan is now late autumn season. You can enjoy beautiful autumn leaves even in the downtown. The weather at Kanazawa next week looks mostly OK except on Tue. 8 (expected mostly cloudy but might rain later) with the temperature range of 17-5 Celsius.

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Asian ICMC
-International Cryogenic Materials Conference in Asia

-Cryogenics and Superconductivity Society of Japan